How long does it typically take to design, develop, and deploy a Shopify App?

Short Answer: Weeks to months, depending on complexity


Long Answer:

This is hard question to answer because of all the variables, but I'll do my best to give you an idea based on my experience.

The first app that I built, which was pretty simple in the beginning, took about a weekend and a couple days. 

This app consisted of:

  • Custom admin button

  • Webhook

  • 2 API calls 

  • Basic dashboard page

Another app that I just finished took about 6 weeks, part time. A more complex app. 

  • 5 API Calls

  • Stripe Integration

  • Extensive Admin Interface

  • Merchant Signup Flow

  • Order Splitting

  • Processing Cards

All of my Shopify App dev is solo, so you can use that as a guage. Want it faster, hire more devs or cut down on the complexity. 

Design is relatively easy with Shopify since they give you a styleguide called Polaris. If you create a complicated UI, it will add complexity and development time to your app. 

The submission process is a bit of a wildcard. This last app it took two rounds of edits and less than a week. Follow the directions and you can sort of control this time.